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Thanks to its team’s long experience in both editorial and institutional fields and in the organization and promotion of cultural events and photo exhibitions in Italy and abroad, Photo Op has close and long-lasting collaborations with a number of Italian and international photographers including Douglas Kirkland, James Whitlow Delano, Stefano Schirato and many others.

Photo Op is an agency dedicated to researching artistic, institutional and commercial opportunities in the field of photography. Photo Op creates solo and group expositions on specific projects or shows with the  objective of providing  an overview on the work of an author. Other principal  activities of Photo Op include: press office support, consultancy,  texts editing, photo editing, curatorials and exhibitions promotion.


Would you like your project to turn into a publication? Or an exhibition? Would you like to participate in an art fair or a festival? Would you like to apply for a grant or submit an application for an award? Photo Op will follow the evolution of your personal and group projects from the first shot to the finish line.

Photo Editing

You can’t decide which photographs are best to express the concept you would like to convey with your series? What is the ideal number of photos to include in a portfolio? Accurate selection and sequencing are essential tools for a successful project. Photo Op will help you to pick the best images to achieve your goal.

Writing and Editing

What is the idea at the base of your project? What inspired your project? Whichever the reasons and the experience that brought you to take your photographs, we will find the perfect texts to compliment your art and communicate the message you want to get across. We can provide you with a vast array of texts for catalogues, exhibitions, press kits and web publications.


Project Presentations

Would you like to present a photo series to a specific client? We can support you in creating a complete presentation; from finalizing a proposal, to the choice of effective photographs for the most suitable market area, to writing a business plan to submit to prospective sponsors.


We identify the strongest potentials of each series, idea, experience and career to make it develop into a larger and more complete project. We connect professionals from different cultural environments and help them to share common paths and projects, create fruitful partnerships and synergies with multiple crossover points.


We promote photographers for specific assignments as well as complete projects, stories and features that we submit to a vast number of Italian and international magazines and newspapers.



Would you like to increase the visibility of the events you participate in? We will send them to national and international magazines, web portals, and a large list of experts, critics and photography connoiseurs.


We design and create exhibitions projects, both solo and collective shows on specific topical issues and experimental themes. We organize extensive retrospective exhibitions that provide a complete overview on the career of a specific photographer.

Exhibitions Promotion

Thanks to a series of collaborations with public and private institutions, curators and art advisors, directors of festivals and art fairs, we have the opportunity to propose  exhibitions projects to a broad range of Italian and international partners.

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Marta Cannoni combines her passion for photography with her talent for coordinating cultural events and art projects. She has experience in organizing exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Besides writing, and promoting through traditional media, she has an interest in web promotion, and leveraging internet and social media platforms in promoting photography talent.
Livia Corbò is a professional journalist. She has over 20 years' experience as a photo editor in several magazines, further enriched by significant roles in photography agencies, art galleries and studio management. All this has given her a thorough knowledge of techniques and methods in the world of art promotion, and experience in developing photography talent in different and varied art markets.

We are world class team

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